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Facilitation + Workshops

Imagine a world where most individuals feel confident in their ability to navigate through change, make meaningful connections with others, and strategize their professional aspirations. Now imagine the impact these individuals would have in their organizations and how this could contribute to bolder idea generation, better working relationships, and more fulfilling organization cultures.


Professionals who feel more fulfilled in their workplace tend to be more productive and contribute positively to their work environment. At the same time, organizations that invest in professional development and foster a supportive environment for growth are more likely to see investment returns in the form of increased productivity, and staff who use their talents to seek more innovative solutions. It is a ripple effect that ultimately results in both professional satisfaction and increased organizational success.


I facilitate leadership and team coaching sessions and workshops crafted to your organization's needs. 


My areas of focus include: 

  • Team Effectiveness focused on Strengths, Motivation, Collaboration, and Team Cohesiveness

  • Innovation through Design Thinking Strategies  

  • Problem-Based Learning & Action Learning 

  • Cultural Awareness 

  • Strategic Planning and Execution


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