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Coaching has been proven to be an effective way of helping individuals to recognize patterns which prevent them from making wanted changes that lead to greater career impact and success. Differently than consulting, which is focused on advising, coaching focuses on developing clients’ abilities and improving performance by guiding them to discover answers for themselves. Coaching can help professionals to obtain clarity around self-awareness, uncover blind spots and to improve leadership and interpersonal skills that help individuals to reach their full potential as leaders of effective teams and organizations.


On an individual level, I work with: 

  • Senior to C-suite leaders who are looking to strategically develop their leadership focus, adapt their leadership style or address potential blind spots. 

  • Leaders who are transitioning to the next level of opportunity or making a career shift.

  • Leaders who are considered high potential candidates and want to develop leadership skills to succeed in their long-term career path.


My areas of focus include: 

  • Executive Coaching

  • Global Leadership

  • Leadership Agility

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Change & Strategy

  • Professional Development and Career Transitions

  • Transformational/Charismatic Leadership

  • Visual Thinking Coaching

I work with a variety of assessments including 360 Feedback, Hogan, and VIA Character Strengths. Assessments are recommended as needed. 

My prefessional credentials include: 

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